Placer Unsolved

1502 sq. miles of thickly forested foothills next to growing sprawling suburbs along with a rich history leave open the potential for many unsolved mysteries and crimes.

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Tuesday Apr 02, 2019

On the morning of May 1, 2013 a jogger put on her exercise clothes and running shoes to prepare for her morning run.  It was already a warm morning in Roseville, CA; 87 degrees by 8 am. As the runner made her way up to the stoplight at the corner of Pleasant Grove and Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. she noticed what looked like business cards strewn on the ground next to the sidewalk.  When she got closer she saw what appeared to be a wallet next to the business cards. She reached down to pick them up to see if any of them had identifying information on them. There was an ID but no cash or credit cards. She walked into the nearby Starbucks and gave the wallet to the cashier, with the hopes that the owner of the wallet would soon be back for it.  Little did she know, six years later, the wallet would still be in an evidence box at the Roseville Police Dept. And despite months of investigation and the search efforts of hundreds of volunteers, law enforcement wouldn’t be any closer to discovering how the wallet ended up on the ground or what happened to its 59 year old shy, quiet owner. The mystery would leave family members, community members, and law enforcement all wondering the same thing:  what happened to Susan Jacobson?

Tuesday Oct 30, 2018

There are things in this world that we cannot see.  And there are creatures on this earth that have yet to be identified.  The forest and the oceans and even many lakes are so vast and deep there’s no way we could possibly explore each and every square foot much less each square mile.  God? Angels? Demons. Ghosts? How about Bigfoot? Or aliens? And what about Tessie, otherwise known as Lake Tahoe’s very own Loch monster? Check out our website for spooky photos and video sent in by listeners.

Friday Sep 21, 2018

Susan Waters was last seen around 10:00 pm on Friday, September 5, 2003 at the Shanghai Bar in Auburn, CA.  Just a few hours later her partially clothed body would be found behind some bushes less than a mile away.  Who killed Susan Waters?   ***Music for this episode provided by Blue Dot Sessions, John Bartman, and Bortex.***

Friday Jun 01, 2018

Was Rattlesnake Dick really the mastermind of the Trinity Mountain Express Robbery?  Did he and his accomplices really steal $80K in gold?  Is half of it actually still buried out here in Placer County?  And if so, can we find it?  Is the sheriff's posse truly responsible for Rattlesnake Dick's death?  And is he even buried where his headstone sits in the Old Auburn Cemetery?   ***Music in this episode provided by Blue Dot Sessions, Jason Shaw, and Secret Jane***

Tuesday May 01, 2018

In rural Applegate, CA on the evening of August 2, 1973 three shots rang out killing the 79 year old Esoteric Fraternity member instantly.  Who killed Matthew Bosek?

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